Who are we?

We are a Quebec company offering collections of handcrafted 16 gauge sinks since 2012.

Our mission is to develop accessible high-end products, focused on innovative contemporary designs.

What is a 16 gauge sink?


In the field of stainless steel sinks, these are categorized according to their calibers. The lower the gauge, the thicker the steel will be and therefore more resistant to impacts, giving you incomparable durability.

16 caliber (high end, there is nothing better.)
Caliber 18 (mid-range.)
Caliber 20 (entry level.)
22 caliber (low end.)

Handcrafted sinks.

During manufacturing, the stainless steel sheet is cut and folded to provide uniform quality. This is then welded and brushed to ensure perfect uniform assembly quality.

Our sinks are then sprayed with sound-absorbing foam as well as the addition of noise-reducing pads to enhance the use of our products.

All our PRO kitchen and PRO bar sinks offer you our exclusive range of accessories.

- Protective grilles included.

- Bamboo cutting board included.

- Roll-up mat included.

- Baïa16 strainers included.

- Strainer (available as an option.)

Ask your Baïa16 retailer near you.